Thai Goldfields
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Shareholder Information

Thai Goldfields NL is an Australian registered, unlisted public company. At 31 December 2011 it had an issued capital of 36,000,000 ordinary or common shares; its net asset value is $5.87 million based on its 31 December 2010 balance sheet.

At 31 December 2011 the Company had cash resources of ~$65,000 and $130,000 of debt.

Company policy is to achieve listed status as soon as possible by way of a ‘backdoor listing’, appropriate merger or an IPO.

The Company has 130 shareholders and the top 10 shareholders are as follows:


Sydney Equities Superannuation Fund 10,490,000
Ian Norman Cameron  3,525,667
Central Coast Superannuation Fund 2,775,000
A W Gleeson Superannuation Fund 2,575,000
F G Marles (deceased) 2,100,000
Sydney Equities Pty Limited 1,560,000
Mark Macqueen 752,167
Tai G McQueen 752,166
J G L Docherty 510,000
Lowell Resources Fund 480,000
Total 25,520,000 (70.88%)